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Visual Story –Telling, can nowhere find anything more mysterious dazzling nor mysteriously dark than Mankind; it can gaze upon nothing which is more selfish, more insecure, more sacrilegious to itself and it's surroundings; yet more infinitely graced with the Universal Divine. There is an unfathomable spectacle beyond this planet, that is the universe; there is an unfathomable spectacle beyond the universe, that is the Human Soul.
In regards to this marvel of marvels, 3 Hawks Entertainment Group seeks to initiate, develop and finance independent film projects of substance and enduring significance. As an emerging film company whose passionate vision is to challenge and celebrate the human heart, we work collaboratively with select producers, while exploring creative opportunities that result in engaging and inspirational storytelling.
Movie and Novel's Description
(Film Release JUNE 2014 / Novel Release August 2014)
A certain cardinal’s righteous inspector whose dismal servitude is to burn heretics while censoring the diversified religions encroaching the boarders during the Napoleonic wars, encounters a mysterious vagabond; unknowingly, an avenging savage that had once sought so severely to rid tyranny from another region of the world. Now possessing the Sagacity of Consciousness….this wayfarer dispenses a redeeming portion of wisdom on this powerful church dignitary; though, probably not without an insurrection of controversy. In that the contest should commence, one could scarcely grasp to the extent how destiny with its mysterious and unfathomable patience, was now with expediency bringing these two together, fully spurred in their discrepancies, and both languishing with the diplomacy of their own convictions. If an open invitation to the Cardinal’s heretic stalker were to be made, and made by this man who had conquered himself, it would be impossible for us not to make inquiry of the rational and irrational combatants of their dispositions, as professors of life - investigating man’s climb to utopia. Indeed, aroused in this seizing tale of spiritual inquisition is the comic, the romance, the unforeseen, as they mingle themselves with a variety of ambiguous characters, which are spread over the entire plot while advancing by a series of striking events, to present the final scene of immortality. To script a tale of a higher consciousness, were it only of the singular Christ, were it also of any supreme lover, would be to encompass within a superior and final epic… the soul’s journey back to her Creator. Click to watch OFFICIAL TRAILER 3 Hawks Entertainment Group
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